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About BLANC Silk


Hypoallergenic | Luxuriously Handmade | Dermatologist Recommended

BLANC is an online luxury brand that helps you sleep better with the comfort of our best quality silk duvet blankets and silk pillows.

Why? Because we believe EVERY NAP COUNTS!

Filled with 100% long-strand mulberry silk hand stretched to size, our blankets are “oh-so-soft”! Compliment it with a 100% pure silk duvet cover; these BLANC blankets will give you an instant floating on cloud experience :)

BLANC is inspired and co-founded with a 3 year old who is articulate about what she likes. The signature calming dual color tones of our blanket covers are all carefully curated by two moms and their 7, 5, 3, 2 years old.

In respond to great reviews, this initially children centric brand has expanded its collections catering for mommies and people who just loves sleep.

Caution: "Once you go BLANC, you never go back. " - Melinda. S (BLANC customer)