BLANC Silk Insert

We recommend sun curing the insert every 3 months.

If soiled, dry cleaning is recommended or gentle hand washing similar to the cover.

BLANC Pure Silk Cover

Dry cleaning is always the best solution for silk.

However, if you you prefer to wash it at home, we recommend hand wash only. 

Do not scrub | Do not bleach | Do not twist dry | Lay flat to dry | Softener ok

Dry in a cool and airy place | Avoiding direct sunlight

Avoid harsh chemicals at all times.

We have tried hand-washing BLANC Cover with
baby laundry detergent and fabric softener,
 it will loose is shine over time and might not be as soft.
Silk naturally shrinks when washed in water.
We cannot affirm use of BLANC will prevent or reduce the risks of S.I.D.S.
Do not leave child unattended.