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Care Tips

Pure Silk Cover

Dry cleaning is always the best solution for silk.

However, if you you prefer to wash it at home, we recommend hand wash only. Yes, you can hand wash it (as we do with ours too, but with a lot of care)

Do not scrub | Do not bleach | Do not twist dry

Remember to finish with softener to restore moisture to the natural fiber

Dry in a cool and airy place | Avoiding direct sunlight | Lay flat to dry

Avoid harsh chemicals at all times.

Silk Insert

We recommend sun curing the insert every 3 months.

If soiled, dry cleaning is recommended or gentle hand washing similar to the cover.




We know kids are messy and require laundry every 2 – 3 days, so we have done many trials on hand-washing BLANC silk covers with baby laundry detergent & normal detergent, they work!!! But always remember to finish with a fabric softener to restore moisture to the natural fibres.

Remember to be gentle and always lay flat to dry, esp for silk inserts to prevent the silk fibres from sticking together.

However, the silk will loose its shine and natural properties over time.

Silk naturally shrinks when washed in water. 

*We are not responsible for any damages caused by the above.