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BLANC inspiration

BLANC Babies luxurious silk blanket founder


Dianna, the creator of BLANC is a mother of two beautiful little girls Nara and Yana, who, (you’ve guessed it) love to take naps.

Like all parents who want the best for their little ones, Dianna was constantly looking for good pillows and blankets for her daughters. Determined and armed with her first sewing machine, she began her journey of making her own pillows and blankets with the nicest materials she could find.

After experimenting with numerous designs, fabrics, and materials with countless prototypes, samples and sometimes failures; she has finally found the perfect ingredients to satisfy her obsessed eye and touch for quality – SILK.

Nara, age 3 is the proud owner of the very first BLANC prototype that was created in June 2014, whom till today still cannot sleep without it. She fondly calls it “My blaaanc-ket”, hence, the name BLANC was chosen.